• Blending technical expertise with integrated world-class products and technology, we develop optimized solutions for demanding real-world applications.
    • Advancing the future of motion control to help build a better world.
    • Integrating world-class knowledge, core components, and trusted experience, we offer unparalleled engineering solutions and exceptional customer support.
    • Celera Motion is the global partner of choice for precision motion control solutions.
Celera Motion 开创者

Find the products and solutions that can accelerate your innovation

Our mechatronics engineering group is renowned for seamlessly fusing product and technology to create optimized precision motion control solutions that solve the most challenging positioning requirements.

了解Celera Motion优势: 小尺寸、增强功能、易于设置以及快速响应和知识渊博的团队,支持着我们卓越的产品性能。

Celera Motion的成功方式很简单: 为医疗、工业、科学和微电子应用中最具挑战性的定位要求提供真正的解决方案。

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