D1245X – Coating spindle

The D1245 is a rugged compact turbine-driven rotary atomizer with a maximum speed of 60,000rpm and capable of driving bell cups of up to 70mm diameter. Due to its compact size, it is ideally suited for use in robotic arm or linear mover spray booth applications and can incorporate electrostatic internally or externally charged bell cup systems. The shaft nose is designed for external or internal taper bell cups. Suitable coating applications include domestic goods and automotive parts.

Specifications of D1245X spindle

Speed range (continuous)5000 – 60,000 rpm
Bell cup max. Diameter (dependent on design)50 – 70 mm
Spindle mass (without bell)0.9 Kg
Housing diameter, max82.5 mm
Spindle length112 mm
Bearing air supply pressure6.3 Kg/cm*2
Bearing air consumption59 nl/min
Turbine air consumption (without bell)270 nl/min @ 40k rpm
Typical paint flowrate500 ml/min @ 40k rpm (bell dependent)
Integrated shaping air feedNo
Application mountingLinear mover or robot arm