D1861 – Atomizer spindle

The D1861 is a compact ‘no-frills’ turbine-driven rotary atomizer with a maximum speed of 70,000rpm and capable of driving bell cups of up to 70mm diameter. Designed specifically for the ‘white goods’ spraying market, and for mounting in a fixed housing, it can incorporate electrostatic internally or externally charged bell cup systems. The shaft nose is suitable for internal taper bell cups only, with a 18mm thread size. A reflective optical speed ring can be fitted.

Specifications of D1861 spindle

Bearing air supply pressure4.5 Kg/cm*25.6 Kg/cm*2
Speed range (continuous)5000 – 40,0005000 – 70,000
Bell cup diameter (dependent on design)40 - 60mm40 - 70mm
Bearing air consumption 70.8 nl/min85 nl/min
Turbine air consumption (w/out bell cup)106 nl/min @ 40krpm160 nl/min @ 60krpm
Mass (without bell cup)1.0 Kg1.0 Kg
Housing diameter, max82 mm82 mm
Spindle length105 mm105mm
Application mountingFixed or linear moverFixed or linear mover