M321 – Manual Collet – Light Industrial spindle

Light Routing Spindle with Manual Tool Change

The M321 manual toolchange is a robust precision machining spindle with a maximum speed of 100,000rpm, fitted with an interchangeable manual collet system. Collet sizes from 3mm to 6mm diameter are available. With a powerful AC motor and front thrust bearing system, it is ideal for composite material routing and micro-machining of non-ferrous materials.

Specifications of M321 Manual Light Industrial spindle

Speed range 10,000rpm - 100,000rpm
Motor power (max)750 Watts
Tooling systemRemoveable nut with interchangeable collets
Collet sizes1/8”, 3, 4 and 6mm shank dia.
Bearing air supply pressure5.6 kg/cm*2
Bearing air consumption85 nl/min
Coolant flowrate1.5 l/min (water) or 3 l/min (oil)
Heat dissipation to coolant (max)640 Watts
Axial failure load (push)200 N
Collet torque (max)2 Nm with 1/8” bore collet
4 Nm with 6mm bore collet
Dynamic runout at tool10 μm
Motor type3 phase, 2 pole AC
Speed sensor (tacho) - optionalTTL signal
Weight (approx)4 kg