UAVs with reduced weight and power consumption increase flight time and enable additional performance. The pairing of Celera Motion’s low profile, high precision direct drive motors and miniature precision encoders achieves the mass reduction, energy efficiency and pointing accuracy requirements you need.

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Precision optics applications require the motion, precision, and repeatability that traditional mechanical systems are unable to offer. Celera Motion’s Juke™ series voice coil actuator and Optira™ Series encoder helped solve this problem for one customer by providing all of their system performance needs in a compact and powerful package.

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One of the main challenges facing industrial metrology equipment manufacturers is maintaining smooth velocity and position control. Celera Motion aided one customer in solving this problem by developing a custom configured Mercury™ 1540P digital encoder, ultimately providing precise control using smaller components.

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As robots and machines become more sophisticated and are called upon to perform more complex tasks, the motion control that defines their movements must be as precise as possible to avoid accidents, prevent mechanical failures, and achieve other performance requirements for the application.

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Laser marking requires highly precise control of angular position and velocity within laser beam and mirror assemblies. With the custom development of the MII1900P sensor head, our customer was provided 1.2 million counts per revolution of precision for controlling their product.

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Compact Mercury II encoder sensor design and cut-to-length Marker Tape provide printer manufacturer the flexibility to outfit various axis lengths with minimal number of stocked components.

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