Newly designed precision linear stage mechanism is capable of runout adjustment in the Y and Z axes by using a Juke™ voice coil motor and a Mercury™ encoder as the core components to deliver exceptional performance. 

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As component size and spacing become increasingly compressed in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards, the need for precise component placement becomes critical.  High speed also is required to drive components placement rate in highly price competitive markets..

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Wire bonding is a demanding application that requires precise positioning, high accelerations and short settling times to lay out the desired wire path.  MicroE’s Mercury II encoders offer high speed, noise immunity, durable cabling and resolutions to 1.2 nanometers in a small footprint.

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A manufacturer of inspection and metrology technology was searching for a competitive edge in their real time data feedback application. Celera Motion provided this edge by using the Agility™ Series motor kit to provided smoother, more accurate motion for their measurements.

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A small profile is critical for a motor in a beam steering system used to manufacture memory and logic chips. Celera Motion’s Javelin™ motor offers this ideal footprint as well as enhanced motion, allowing it to be the optimal choice for this type of equipment.

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Wafer inspection is a highly precise and time sensitive business. The best in class form factor, and smooth and accurate motion of the Omni Series motor helped one customer to achieve their desired wafer inspection tool requirements, ultimately ending with a device capable of extreme accuracy and repeatability.

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