Microfluidic Dispensing (SSME-08)
The Challenge

Life science applications require highly accurate and repeatable fluid dispensing. Precision pipettes can be controlled from direct drive precision stages with nanometer resolution. Whether it is for continuous flow or for accurate droplets, the highly dynamic and repeatable motion from a voice coil actuator offers significant improvements over traditional design approaches.  Minimizing the size, weight and footprint of the instruments and equipment is also a challenge for designers seeking to increase system performance.

Historical methods involve stepper motor driven lead screws, which can be cost effective, but do not have the accuracy and real time controllability to meet key application requirements.  Additionally, these systems are prone to high levels of audible noise and vibration.

The Solution

By tightly integrating a Juke Series voice coil motor and Optira Series miniature precision optical encoder, Celera Motion’s mechatronics group has designed and delivered several different linear voice coil stages for microfluidics applications.  These systems have been designed to fit into very tight mechanical space constraints with unique form factors.  The high performance of Celera Motion’s motor and encoder components coupled with our deep experience designing and integrating precision bearing systems into high accuracy custom linear stages has enabled several life science and medical equipment OEMs to deliver next generation dispensing solutions that met their customers’ demanding requirements. 

The Benefit

Celera Motion’s mechatronic solutions are built using state of the art linear motor and high resolution optical encoder technology. Our mechatronics expertise enables highly optimized designs that fit into the most challenging spaces and meet the most demanding performance requirements.  New micro-precision fluid dispensing systems designed with direct drive technology for real time accuracy and control, and optimized for size and form factor, are enabling new advancements in medical and life science applications.

Optira™ Series Encoder
Dimensions13 x 11.8 x 3.7 mm
Interface, DigitalA quad B
Resolutions5 µm - 5 nm
Accuracy Classup to +/- 1 µm/m
Juke™ Series Motor
Precision Movement1 micron resolution and smooth linear direct drive motion
RepeatabilityRepeatability of 50 up to nanometers
Smooth OperationIronless VCM technology for optimum smoothness
ConnectionCustomized mechanical and electrical wiring per customer requirements



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