A manufacturer of inspection and metrology technology was searching for a competitive edge in their real time data feedback application. Celera Motion provided this edge by using the Agility™ Series motor kit to provided smoother, more accurate motion for their measurements.

The Challenge

Process control and yield management are of the utmost importance in the manufacturing of integrated circuits, wafers, reticles and LEDs. Manufacturers of inspection and metrology equipment can achieve competitive advantages by improving the capabilities of their equipment to feed high quality, real-time data back into the manufacturing process quickly to detect and eliminate defects as early in the manufacturing process as possible. Extremely smooth rotation of wafers, devices and reticles on a stage with a large aperture providing optical and scanning systems a clear path for inspection and scanning is essential.

The Solution

Celera Motion’s Agility Series motor kits offer industry leading zero cogging smooth motion and are available in form factors with through holes of 265 mm and larger and outer diameters from 19 mm to over 292 mm. Agility Series smooth and accurate slotless motors have been integrated into many different rotary stages to solve multiple semiconductor inspection and metrology application challenges for equipment manufacturers around the globe.

The Benefit

Celera Motion’s ZeroCog™ slotless motor technology eliminates cogging torque. The resulting smooth and accurate motion enables the highest quality image and scanning data to be collected. The large apertures available in the Agility Series provide the optical inspection and scanning systems with access to substantial areas of the inspection surface, coupled with the fast settling times possible from direct drive stages allow the equipment collect a large amount of data quickly.


Large Aperture (Rotor ID)From 14.5 mm to over 265.7 mm
Stator Radial Cross-SectionIndustry leading, <15% of the stator Outer Diameter
Diameter (Stator OD)19 mm to over 292 mm
Continuous Torque0.05 Nm to over 13.5 Nm
Peak Torque0.15 Nm to over 40.7 Nm
Cogging TorqueZero