How do you install a frameless motor in a housing?

There are five basic approaches used within the industry to secure stators into housings:

  1. Bolt in – the stator is bolted or screwed in place
  2. Press fit – there is an interference fit by design and the stator is pressed into the housing.
  3. Heat shrink fit – the housing is heated to achieve a clearance fit. Then the stator is inserted.
  4. Adhesive bond – An adhesive is used to bond the stator to the housing
  5. Axial clamp – Either a full 360 degree ring or a few “servo clamps” apply axial pressure to the stator stack to hold it in place.

Celera Motion does not offer a bolt-in option or recommend a press fit installation. When designing the stator to housing interface, the expected torque loads and joint strengths of the different retention options should be taken into consideration.

For more information regarding motor installation, please see the ‘How to Install a Frameless Motor – Installation and Design Guide‘ technical paper.

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