What is the difference between a BLAC and BLDC motor? What type of motor does Celera Motion offer?

BLAC stands for Brushless Alternating Current while BLDC stands for Brushless Direct Current. The difference between the two is the output voltage waveform when back driven (or mechanically rotated rather than electrically), which is also known as Back EMF. BLAC motors output a sinusoidal waveform when back-driven while BLDC motors output a trapezoidal waveform. The back EMF waveform of our motors is sinusoidal and therefore our motors can be considered BLAC motors.

However, Celera Motion motors are more correctly Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines (PMSM). When used with a sine drive, a PMSM has theoretically zero torque ripple, unlike BLDC motors when used with Sine or Trap drives.

Our motors, as well as most 3 phase brushless motors available today, are commonly mischaracterized as BLDC motors.  For more information on our standard motor products click here.

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