What type of winding configuration is used to wind your stators? Wye or Delta?

Celera Motion motors are wound with a Wye configuration. While both Delta and Wye configurations allow for a circuit to supply balanced loads to all three phases of the motor, the major difference is the number of nodes. Delta windings have three nodes (A phase, B phase, and C phase), while Wye windings have four nodes (A phase, B phase, C phase, and neutral). The connection schematic for a delta winding is triangular, and the connection schematic for a Wye winding is a star or “Y”. Because Celera Motion motors have low inductance, Wye windings are used in the motor design to avoid parasitic current losses that are prevalent in motors with low inductances and Delta windings. Wye windings avoid this circulating parasitic current, and allow for higher precision moves at lower speeds.

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