Omni™ Series Motor – ULT

Low-Profile Direct Drive Motors for the World’s Machines and Robots

The Omni Series enables OEMs to design high performance, reliable, small and lightweight systems using flexible and easy-to-integrate rotary motor components. The Omni Series is offered in a wide range of low-profile form factors with a large through hole for convenient routing of cables, optics, and other system elements.

The Omni Series ULT motors are for low-mid range torque requirements. ULT motors are compatible with a wide range of controllers and drives. Windings and form factors can be customized to meet application requirements.

Specifications of Omni™ Series – ULT

Continuous Torque0.04 to 6.58 Nm
Peak Torque0.12 to 19.74 Nm
Diameter (Stator OD)25 to 165 mm
Through Hole (Rotor ID)11.6 to 109.2mm

CAD Files

How to Order an Omni™ Series Motor – ULT

Onmi Series Motors are available in a variety of size, magnetic attributes, axial length, winding option, feedback option, and mechanical configuration. Once you have selected your product you can contact us to purchase or request a quote.


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