Agility™ Series – AgilityRH

Direct Drive Rotary Actuators with Large Through Hole

The AgilityRH Series rotary stages enable OEMs to achieve ultra-smooth and accurate motion profiles and conveniently route cables and other system elements via a large through hole. Built with Agility™ direct drive motors from Applimotion featuring ZeroCog™ technology, PurePrecision™ optical encoder technology from MicroE and precision bearings, the AgilityRH rotary stages provide the benefits of direct drive rotary motor performance in a standard NEMA 23 motor package.

Specifications of Agility Series – AgilityRH

Continuous Torque0.160 Nm [15 oz-in]
Peak Torque0.318 Nm [45 oz-in]
Rated Speed @ 24V200 rpm*
Continuous Current2.75 Amps
Resistance2.7 Ohms
Motor Constant0.023 Nm/w1/2 [3.3 Oz-in/w1/2]
Torque Constant0.039 Nm/amp [5.5 Oz-in/amp]
Voltage Constant4.1 Vpk/krpm
Inductance0.12 Mh +/- 25%
Cogging Torque0.00 Nm [0.00 oz-in]
Inertia0.000034 kg-cm-sec2 [0.00003 lb-in-sec2]
Thermal Resistance4.2 °C/watt
Weight0.23 kg [0.5 lb]

* Contact Celera Motion for rated speeds exceeding 200 RPM.