Comparaison avec Inductosyn®

Inductosyn® is a trademarked reference applied to a form of inductive position sensor made by Farrand Controls of USA.  

Inductosyn® inductive position sensors have a long and successful track record in a wide variety of hi-rel and safety related equipment including space applications.

Both Inductosyn® and Zettlex IncOder™ inductive angle encoders use non-contact, inductive principles and feature a flat, disc shaped rotor & stator. Both are suitable for precision measurement of shaft angle and speed in harsh environments where capacitive or optical techniques might prove unreliable.

Whereas Inductosyns® are energized and controlled by a speared, external set of electronics, the electronics for Zettlex inductive angle encoders are included within the Stator so they can carry out a range of Built-In-Tests to check their condition and produce error signals in the event of malfunction.

Zettlex inductive angle encoders have no ITAR restrictions and use no ITAR listed components.

Standard Zettlex inductive angle encoders such as IncOder™ require no UK government export licence.

Comparaison avec Inductosyn

Fig. 1. Les capteurs IncOder Zettlex sont dotés d’une électronique entièrement intégrée qui leur permet de réaliser une gamme de tests automatiques pour vérifier leur état et émettre des signaux d’erreur en cas de dysfonctionnement