Pancake Resolvers

Pancake resolvers provide accurate position and velocity feedback (as well as commutation), and are typically selected for demanding applications. Pancake resolvers typically feature robust constructions, with the technology largely proven to operate reliably within aggressive environments where moisture, oil, dust, temperature and vibration are factors.

Pancake resolvers, especially brushless pancake resolvers, are capable of providing accurate data in precision equipment, without the structural or temperature restrictions imposed by some other electronic feedback devices. Pancake resolvers readily cope with the shock and vibration levels often encountered in demanding applications such as aerospace or heavy industrial equipment.

Modern Alternative to Pancake Resolvers

Pancake resolvers, along with synchros, brushless resolvers, RVDTs, RVITs and Inductosyns™, are considered a ‘traditional’ form of inductive position sensor. Modern alternatives such as the Zettlex IncOder provide a lower cost, more accurate, more compact and lightweight solution for position and velocity feedback in harsh environments, whilst maintaining and often exceeding the reliability provided by pancake resolver technology.

The low axial height and large through bore of Zettlex IncOders allows for simple installation within applications such as rotary joints, gimbals, and large shaft designs. Zettlex IncOders are proven within very aggressive operating environments experienced in aerospace, and industrial applications.

pancake resolver alternative

Fig.1. Zettlex IncOders provide a lower cost, more accurate, more compact and lightweight alternative to traditional pancake resolvers