Large Bore Rotary Encoders

Large rotary encodersLarge rotary encoders from Zettlex are ideally suited to geometries where either a larger shaft must be passed through the centre of the sensor or extreme levels of accuracy are required. The IncOder product range offers a standard, off-the-shelf solution – see IncOder inductive encoders.

Applications include CNC machine tools, rotary tables, test equipment, motor encoders, servo controls, robot motion controls, azimuth and/or elevation angle measurement.

Zettlex devices are particularly suitable to those applications that require high resolution and repeatability even in difficult physical environments.

Zettlex rotary encoders typically comprise a passive, rotating target and a stationary antenna. The target can be attached to the shaft in a variety of ways including collar, grub-screw or adhesive bonded. Hollow shaft or end-of-shaft geometries are available.

A Zettlex sensor requires no bearings or precision alignment of target and antenna. Targets typically weigh a few grams and so start up torque and moment of inertia are low.

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