For over 20 years, MicroE’s innovative and patented PurePrecision™ technology has been the core optical technology platform leveraged by MicroE to deliver precision optical encoders to the market that are significantly smaller and easier to align and install than competitive products. This technology has enabled designers of precision motion control systems in medical, robotic, semiconductor, advanced industrial and scientific applications to design smaller, lighter and more energy efficient machines and instruments.

PurePrecision™ Technology

PurePrecision™ optical encoder technology is a patented, laser-based, reflective diffraction technique unique to MicroE. The technology is particularly well suited for applications where the encoder is installed in controlled environments that require compact sensor size, small overall footprint and high accuracy associated with glass gratings. It utilizes a basic principal of optical diffraction called Talbot Imaging.

PurePrecision™ optics require no intermediate lenses, filters or reticles which allows MicroE to create the industry’s smallest high resolution optical encoders with extremely generous alignment tolerances.

In some cases, MicroE customers need to achieve higher levels of performance in their equipment and in the face of continued pressure to make machines smaller, lighter and more energy efficient so they can be deployed in more flexible and mobile configurations, our customers often need to measure their payload position directly. This commonly requires that the encoder be installed out in the open where it is subject to contamination (dust, oil, et al) and the normal wear and tear exposure associated with operating in 24/7/365 manufacturing environments.

VeraPath™ Technology

The new VeraPath™ optical technology enables us to solve a significantly broader range of precision feedback applications for our customers.

VeraPath™ technology is engineered with advanced optical filtering and state-of-the-art signal processing and electronics, ensuring reliable performance in a wide range of operating conditions where the encoder is exposed to a degree of contamination. VeraPath technology is designed to filter out signal disturbances caused by scale contamination, scratches, and typical variations of metal scale flatness, which allows our customers to achieve high levels of accuracy with metal scales as well as glass gratings.

This is especially beneficial in advanced industrial applications, when the customers’ motion control system requires a precision optical encoder on a long linear stage or actuator where metal tape scales are the preferred solution. With VeraPath™ technology, MicroE is able to offer the dirt immunity, reliability, and accuracy with metal tape scales, where the encoder may be exposed to contaminated environments.

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