Mercury™ Series – M1000

MicroE Mercury 1000 kit encoders are smaller, higher performance, faster to install, and easier to use than any other encoder. The tiny sensor fits into very tight spaces, and has broad alignment tolerances for fast and easy setup.

Specifications of Mercury™ Series M1000

Dimensions20.6 x 12.7 x 8.4 mm
Interface, Digital-
Interface, Analog1 Vpp sin/cos with index
Interpolationup to ×256 in customer electronics
Resolutions5 µm - 78 nm
Accuracy Class, Linear Glassup to +/- 1 µm
Accuracy Class, Linear Metal Tape-
Grating Pitch20 µm
Max Speed7.2 m/s
Operating EnvironmentAtmospheric

Linear Scale / Grating Compatibility

Highest Accuracy Class+/- 1µm
Measuring Lengthup to 2020
IndexCenter or end
MaterialSoda lime glass
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion8ppm/°C