ChipEncoder™ Series CE300

ChipEncoder is a modular digital interface SMT kit encoder system that combines small size with high resolution. ChipEncoder models feature built-in interpolation and mount directly on your PC board, providing significant space and cost savings through design integration.

Specifications of ChipEncoder CE

Dimensions7 x 11 x 3.1 mm
Interface, DigitalA quad B with index
Interface, Analog-
Interpolationup to 40x in sensor
Resolutions10 µm - 1 µm
Accuracy Class, Linear Glassup to +/- 1 µm
Accuracy Class, Linear Metal Tape-
Grating Pitch40 µm
Max Speed14 m/s
Operating EnvironmentAtmospheric

Linear Scale / Grating Compatibility

Highest Accuracy Class+/- 1µm
Measuring Lengthup to 320mm
MaterialB240 glass
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion9.4ppm/°C
MountingPressure Sensitive Adhesive, Temp.