Mercury™ Series – M1500V

Mercury™ vacuum encoders are specified in a wide range of applications for their combination of performance, small size, and high vacuum rating.

Choose from models with digital or analog output, all constructed using vacuum-compatible materials rated up to 10-8 torr.

Specifications of Mercury™ Series – M1500V

Dimensions20.6 x 12.7 x 8.4 mm
Interface, DigitalA quad B with index
Interface, Analog-
Interpolationup to 40x in sensor
Resolutions6.6K to 655K CPR
Accuracy Classup to +/- 2 arc-seconds
Max Speed13,000 rpm
Operating EnvironmentVacuum up to 10^-8

Rotary Grating Compatibility

Highest Accuracy Class+/- 2 arc-seconds
Measuring Lengthup to 108mm
MaterialSoda lime glass
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion8ppm/°C