Aura® Absolute Encoders

Aura employs a short wavelength LED for precise absolute position decoding. An incremental scale track and advanced sensor produce pure sinewave signals, enabling high resolution interpolation with run-speeds up to 83,721 rpm (with 18 mm scale). High repeatability and accuracy satisfy the most demanding applications.

The small, low power consumption SMT package integrates easily into an OEM PCB. Generous alignment tolerances facilitate installation. Built-in scale eccentricity compensation improves production efficiency and eliminates the cost of dual averaging encoders.

High speed BiSS-C delivers the minimal latency required for high bandwidth control loops. SSI, SPI and ABZ interfaces complete the comprehensive connectivity options. ABZ provides communication redundancy and the flexibility to operate incrementally for the lowest latency.

SmartPrecision™ III is intuitive software for calibration, alignment and status monitoring. Encoder data can be sampled and recorded in a CSV file. To simplify installation, hubs with pre-mounted encoder scales are offered.

Specifications of Aura

Dimensions9.0 x 7.0 x 1.1 mm9.0 x 7.0 x 1.1 mm
Resolution*18-22 bit*± 12.5 to 200 nm
Latency< 5 μsec (BiSS-C)
< 5 μsec (SPI)
< 30 μsec (SSI)
< 5 μsec (BiSS-C)
< 5 μsec (SPI)
< 30 μsec (SSI)
Accuracy**± 0.005°± 2 μm
Repeatability1 LSB1 LSB
Speed83,721 rpm (with 18 mm scale)50 m/s
Input Voltage5 VDC ± 0.55 VDC ± 0.5
Supply Current45 mA, unterminated outputs45 mA, unterminated outputs
Operating Temperature-20 to 85° C
-20 to 85° C
Weight1.5 g1.5 g
Standard Scales***18 to 63.5 mm OD9 to 195 mm

* Higher resolution can be achieved by increasing averaging sample size.
** Accuracy is specified using a glass scale with OD 51.8 mm (Rotary) and 80 mm measurable length (Linear).
*** Custom rotary and linear glass scales available – contact your local representative for more information.

Product Documentation


Download SmartPrecision™ III


Rotary Scale Part NumberScale OD (mm)Aura Configuration File (.acf)
AUR-R-G-000126.0Aura Chip
AUR-R-G-000126.0Aura Evaluation Board
AUR-R-G-000218.0Aura Chip
AUR-R-G-000333.0Aura Chip
AUR-R-G-000463.5Aura Chip
AUR-R-G-000463.5Aura Evaluation Board
AUR-R-G-000651.8Aura Chip
Linear Scale Part NumberAura Configuration File (.acf)
AUR-L-G-XXXXAura Evaluation Board

CAD Files