This paper provides instructions to make the correct Java security settings to enable the full use of SmartPrecision II™ software. Without the necessary security settings in Java, live data displays and programmable features will be blocked as indicated below:


SmartPrecision II™ software, for use with the ATMII5000 alignment tool with MII5000, MII6000 and MII6000V Series encoders, is a webserver based software which runs in the Java environment. As such, the Java applet must be installed on your computer prior to running the software. This applet can be downloaded from http://www.java.com. Once the applet is installed, connect the alignment tool to a Mercury II encoder, apply power to the tool with the 5 volt power supply provided, then connect the tool to a Windows based computer via the Ethernet connection.

This connection can be made either directly to your computer or through a LAN. Depending on your firewall settings, you may require assistance from your local IT department. The IP address of the alignment tool can be found using the SmartPrecision II (FindMII.exe) utility available from our Software page.


Follow these steps to add SmartPrecision II™ software to the Java “Exception Site List”

1   Open the Control Panel from your Windows Start Menu

2.  Select Small Icons from the View By pull-down menu

3.  Double click on the Java icon.

4   Go to the Security Tab and select Edit Site List …

5   Select Add and type in the IP address from Internet Explorer and select OK. Make sure to include “http://………/”

6.  The SmartPrecision II™ IP address now appears in the Exception Site List. Select OK to exit.

7.  After closing Internet Explorer and re-launching, the live data displays will be active and the full suite of diagnostics and parameter adjustments will be accessible.

Please contact Celera Motion Applications Engineering group with any questions regarding these recommendations.