Low-Profile Direct Drive Motors for the World’s Machines and Robots
Omni™ Series
The Omni Series enables OEMs to design high performance, reliable, small and lightweight systems using flexible and easy-to-integrate rotary motor components. The Omni Series is offered in a wide range of low-profile form factors with a large through hole for convenient routing of cables, optics, and other system elements.


  1. Omni UTH Rotary Motor
    Model: UTH
    Quick Specs:

    Through hole diameter to 533mm, continuous torque to 87.6Nm, peak torque to 263Nm, max speed up to 5000rpm

  2. Omni ULT Rotary Motor
    Model: ULT
    Quick Specs:

    Through hole diameter to 165mm, continuous torque to 5.9Nm, peak torque to 17.7Nm, max speed up to 5000rpm

  3. Omni UTO Rotary Motor
    Model: UTO
    Quick Specs:

    Outside-rotating motors with through hole diameter to 100mm, continuous torque to 8.2Nm, peak torque to 26.4Nm, max speed up to 5000rpm

Zero Cogging Direct Drive Motors for Exceptionally Smooth Motion
Agility™ Series
Designed with ZeroCogTM™ slotless motor technology from Applimotion, the Agility Series enables OEMs to achieve extremely smooth and highly accurate motion profiles using flexible and easy-to-integrate motor components. Ideally suited for scanning, pointing, measuring and cutting applications that require extremely smooth velocity control and highly accurate positioning, the Agility Series delivers best-in-class torque ripple and zero cogging.


  1. Omni UTS Rotary Motor
    Model: UTS
    Quick Specs:

    Through hole diameter to 265mm, continuous torque to 13.6Nm, peak torque to 40.8Nm.

Low-Profile DDR Motors for Arc Segment and Large Diameter Motion
Infinity™ Series
The Infinity Series enables OEMs to move light payloads in smooth and accurate arc-shaped and full 360-degree rotary motion profiles. Ultra-thin arc-shaped motor segments can be used individually or interconnected to create exact partial arc segment motion or full 360-degree rotary motion. Modular construction allows for virtually unlimited diameter and large through holes. This level of flexibility is not possible with conventional motor designs.


  1. infinity Arc Rotary Motor
    Model: ARC
    Quick Specs:

    Standard outside diameter to 765mm, continuous torque to 63.4Nm, peak torque to 190Nm.

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