Voice Coil
Compact Voice Coil Motors for Highly Dynamic Motion Profiles
Juke™ Series
Model: Juke Round Body
The Juke Series enables OEMs to move light payloads with high acceleration and dynamic motion profiles. No commutation is required, simplifying wiring and increasing system reliability. Moving magnet and moving coil configurations make it easy for the Juke Series to be tightly integrated into compact, lightweight precision assemblies.
Peak Force 5 to 46N
Stroke 2 to 40mm
Continous Power 3 to 18W
Width 19 to 32mm
Length 25 to 38mm

Product Benefits: 

  • Compact size, high force-to-weight ratio
  • High acceleration
  • Simple wiring and control
  • Smooth, accurate motion
  • Easy integration into system design
  • Compatible with wide range of drives and controllers
  • Custom windings and form factors available to meet application requirements
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