High Vacuum
Compact Precision Encoders for High Vacuum Applications
Mercury II™ Series
Model: MII6000V
Mercury II™ digital output high-vacuum rated encoders offer class-leading resolution, accuracy, and small sensor size. With MicroE’s broad alignment tolerances, no other commercially available 10-8 Torr rated encoder is easier to align, easier to use, or easier to integrate into your designs.
Dimensions 22.6 x 12.7 x 8.1 mm
Interface, Digital A quad B with index and limits
Interface, Analog -
Interpolation up to x16,384 in the connector
Resolutions 20K to 268K CPR
Accuracy Class up to +/- 2.1 arc-sec
Max Speed 6,000 rpm
Operating Environment Vacuum up to 10^-8
Rotary Grating Compatibility
Highest Accuracy Class +/- 2 arc-seconds
Diameters up to 120mm
Index Yes
Material Soda lime glass
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 8ppm/°C
Mounting Hub

Product Benefits: 

  • The MII 6000V sensor is vented and constructed with vacuum compatible materials and designed for a 48 hour bake out at 150°C.
  • Mercury II’s encoder technology achieves the highest resolution and accuracy in its class, with low cyclical error, low jitter, smaller sensors, and lower power consumption.
  • Broadest Alignment Tolerances: With the broadest alignment tolerances in the industry, a full +/-2 degrees, Mercury II is the easiest and the fastest sensor to align and setup. You can align the Mercury II sensor in under 30 seconds.
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