Miniature Precision Encoders for the World’s Smallest Spaces
ChipEncoder™ Series
Model: CE
ChipEncoder is a modular digital interface SMT kit encoder system that combines small size with high resolution. ChipEncoder models feature built-in interpolation and mount directly on your PC board, providing significant space and cost savings through design integration.
Dimensions 6.1 x 6.1 x 3.9 mm
Interface, Digital A quad B with index
Interface, Analog -
Interpolation up to 40x in sensor
Resolutions 3000 CPR to 327K CPR
Accuracy Class up to +/- 2 arc-seconds
Max Speed 26,000 rpm
Operating Environment Atmospheric
Rotary Grating Compatibility
Highest Accuracy Class +/- 2 arc-seconds
Diameters up to 180mm
Index Yes
Material B240 glass
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 9.4ppm/°C
Mounting Hub

Product Benefits: 

  • ChipEncoder breaks the price performance barrier to open new possibilities for your motion control designs
  • Integrates with other components on your PC board for lowest total system cost; designed for low cost automated PC board assembly
  • High resolution with on-board interpolation and digital output improves motion system accuracy and stability
  • High speed capability enhances motion system performance
  • Non-contact design for high reliability
  • Small size enables ultra-miniature, low cost motion control
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