Miniature Precision Encoders for the World’s Smallest Spaces
Mercury™ Series
Model: M1500P
MicroE’s renowned PCB-mounted Mercury™ Encoders deliver up to 4.2 million CPR resolution in an extremely compact and light package (5.6mm installed height, 2g weight), enabling machine and instrument designers to achieve rapid accelerations and high throughput in applications where size and mass are critical.
Dimensions 15.3 x 12.7 x 5.6 mm
Interface, Digital A quad B with index
Interface, Analog -
Interpolation up to 40x in sensor
Resolutions 6.6K to 655K CPR
Accuracy Class up to +/- 2 arc-seconds
Max Speed 13,000 rpm
Operating Environment Atmospheric
Rotary Grating Compatibility
Highest Accuracy Class +/- 2 arc-seconds
Diameters up to 108mm
Index Yes
Material Soda lime glass
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 8ppm/°C
Mounting Hub

Product Benefits: 

  • Miniature PCB mount sensor provides significant space and cost savings through design integration
  • Wide alignment tolerance make for easy installation and setup
  • Built-in interpolation produces digital outputs with up to 655,000 counts per revolution.
  • Low power consumption aids in thermal stability of the system
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