How do I know if I have the latest firmware version installed in my Summit servo drive?

Initial Clarifications

The article you are about to read only applies to Summit products (Everest, Capitan & Denali).


Checking whether or not you have the latest released firmware version (CANopen or EtherCAT) on your drive is an easy thing to check. First of all, you need to connect to your Summit servo drive. After this, you have to open the Drive Explorer widget and check for a “New firmware available” button showing (green button in the picture below). If you do not see this button, you are already working with the latest firmware version that has been released.

In case you do see the button, you can click it in order to open an additional Inspector widget (green square below) that will provide download links (orange rectangle below) to both the latest CANopen and EtherCAT firmware versions:

Alternatively, you can also download the latest firmware versions from the support pages of each servo drive:

Once you have the firmware file downloaded in your computer, you simply need to follow the standard firmware update procedure and the “New firmware available” will disappear after the update is completed successfully:

This applies to both CANopen and EtherCAT firmware versions respectively.
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