Is there a limitation for BiSS-C encoders that the Everest Series or Capitan Series servo drives can handle? Can you develop on these limitations?

Everest or Capitan servo drives can read Single-Turn (ST) and Multi-Turn (MT) data from encoders.

The maximum position data, which includes both ST and MT bits, is limited to 32 bits. The maximum frame size is limited to 64 bits. Everest Series is able to process error bit, warning bit & CRC fields (6 bits) of BiSS-C frame, when using BiSS-C BP3 profile.

In the case of BiSS-C daisy-chained connection, the maximum total bit of both frames is also limited to 64 bits. Due to the limitation, the maximum position data for each sensor will be limited to 24 bits (32 bits for each BiSS-C – 1 bit, error – 1 bit, warning – 6 CRC).

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