Ultra Smooth, Low Friction Motion, with No Risk of Contamination

Delivering linear motion in high vacuum environments, ideal for semiconductor applications such as wafer ion implantation (up to 300 mm or 12″ diameter). High stiffness, low flow linear air bearing spindles that provide ultra smooth, low friction motion, with no risk of contamination. Long spindle life due to use of non-contacting seal system between the vacuum chamber and the surface of the shaft, with copper-free materials used specific for the ion implantation process.

Linear stroke length up to 508 mm or 20″ and the hollow shaft can be rotated simultaneously during linear motion for accurate angular positioning. Hollow shaft provides ability to route vacuum, electrical, or cooling water through the shaft for a compact solution. The Linear Slide Series Spindles can be packaged with motors and drives to provide a complete solution.

Westwind Semiconductor Wafer Processing Spindles