The M290 is a large wafer grinding spindle with a maximum speed of 15,000rpm, used for grinding the faces of 200mm and 300mm diameter wafers. Fitted with a powerful direct drive AC motor, it can be flange mounted for easy installation. Options include through-shaft coolant, speed sensor and customised wheelmounts.

Specifications of M290 wafer grinding spindle

Speed range 1500 –15,000 rpm
Motor power 4 kW @ 4000 rpm 
Axial stiffness 17.8 kg/micron  
Axial load 249 kg 
Radial stiffness (at nose) 4.45 kg/micron  
Radial load (at nose) 90 kg 
Bearing air pressure 5.6 kg/cm*2 
Bearing air consumption 232 nl/min 
Water cooling flowrate 0.75 - 1.9 l/min 
Axial runout < 0.1 microns 
Overall length 796 mm