A Guide to Setting up a Sieb & Meyer 21-60 or 21-62 Converter for Using a Spindle Running Rig

Initial Powering Up

Initially switch the test set followed by the converter; only green lights should be displayed on the drive, if a red fault light appears this possibly is caused by: 

  1. The test set is not switched on
  2. The PTC thermistor is not linked out
  3. The spindle electrical wiring has a short or link to ground

Switch off the drive unit and test set; carry out an examination to rectify the fault. 

Once the fault has been diagnosed and rectified then repeat the sequence of switching off all item and repeat the powering up operation as above, if the fault has been corrected then the fault light will not appear.  

Pre-Programmed Characteristic Curve

Once after the powering up operation has successfully been completed the handset should display the following: 

  1. Operation
  2. Programming

Select the operation function (1), the hand set will now display the characteristic curve option, type in the curve number which has been previously been defined, this will now bring up on the hand set the following options: 

  1. Frequency indication
  2. Speed indication
  3. Power indication
  4. Load indication 

Select frequency indication (1) and now you can type in the frequency you wish to run at (note this is the input frequency and not the actual rotational speed of the spindle). 

Select the enter key () and then press the start key, the spindle will now run up to the input frequency defined following the characteristics as predefined including the ramp up/down time, bending points limit settings. 

Programming the Characteristic Curve

Once after the powering up operation has successfully been completed the handset should display the following: 

  1. Operation
  2. Programming

Select the programming function (2) (), the hand set will now display the 4 digit password code option, type in the code number which has been previously been defined (default code set by manufacture = 0000), this will now bring up on the hand set the following options: 

  1. Characteristic curve
  2. Bending point
  3. Limit settings
  4. Number of poles

Select Characteristic curve option (1) () and now you can type a curve number which you wish to use that has previously not been used (note if you type in a previously defined curve number you will over-write the stored information) make a note of the curve numbers used and for what purpose it had been generated e.g. curve 01 = spindle type DXXXX-XX standard set-up press return. 

Now select option 2 () the bending point option, this will allow you to input the knee points (also known as the dog legs),these values must be entered into the drive from the lowest speed knee point to the highest (max speed) this information is the frequency against the TRUE output voltage (not the displayed voltage on the hand set) see note 1 to see how to find the true output voltage, if there is no knee point required e.g. then only add the final frequency and voltage (a linear straight line). 

Once after the final operating speed has been added input an additional point should be added at the same final Voltage but at a slightly higher frequency which produces a true maximum rotational speed in the spindle shaft, as defined on the spindle Outline drawing. But the frequency is higher, this value is higher by the operating slip value (to ensure that the shaft is the required operating speed).  

A list of standard bending curves for spindles is listed within the Appendix. 

Press enter () and to store the change press run and the option of save data +/- will be displayed select + to store. 

The true output voltage can be measures by using a Fluke III multimeter, connect the meter between two of the phase wires and set the multimeter to volts without any other equipment connected, start the drive and select operate, select the required spindle curve that has been pre-programmed and select frequency, type in the first knee point frequency and the start, confirm that the voltage reading is that quoted on the outline drawing, if not then adjust the voltage within the programming operation to give the required voltage. 

If you require to change the limits settings e.g. the ramp time/current limit/voltage limit then select 3 (limits setting in the main menu) this will display a menu for the limit settings as follows: 

  1. Current limit
  2. Acceleration / deceleration limits
  3. Minimum frequency
  4. Voltage limit

The options are very much self-explanatory and are customer dependant, for development trials the acceleration ramp up should be set initially for 30 seconds and the deceleration should be set for 20 seconds, this is to record the changes is temperatures during testing and ensures safety during the development of new designs, once the design has been proven then this should be set to a worse case scenario to ensure the spindle performs throughout its speed range within the spindle design specification. 

Press enter () and to store the change press run and the option of save data +/- will be displayed select + to store. 

Standard Westwind Settings

Character Curve 

Character curve CC XX (Programmed – customer defined ) 

Bending Points BP XX (Defined on the outline drawing) 

Current LimitI Max5A
Acc. / Decel.t-acc


120 sec.

30 sec.

Min. Freq. f min000Hz
No. of Poles Poles2
Compensations Slip




Loading Sensitivity S04
Holding Current I




Reference Value Source Set to Remote Control

Standard Westwind Bending Curves

Ref Only Check to Outline DWG

(the output voltages require checking on a meter against the outline dwg) 

Part No.Voltage (V)
Frequency (Hz)


D1633-02 6014515015025080020002000
D1473-01/03/05 9220320350031503150 
D1600-01 6014516016025080021952195
D1199-03 130160166166600183321952195
D1331-17/28/41 42/47/13/55/68/54   130166166166600208321502150
D1531-08/09/11 5517017050025652565
D1686-03 8524224250031503150
D1331-26/36/48 14022022060021952195
D1633-02 6014515015025080020002000
D1296-11 14519419458316671667
D1331-24 14021221260021952195
D1524-05 12016526560021952195
D1251-03 14518018058313331333
D1473-01/07/09 9223023050028332833
D1686-10/11/12 90131200200500100031103110
D1566-04 8022922950027902790
M320-24 4513013025013601360
D1722-03 90131189189500100027602760
D1722-04 90131215215500100028002800