Collet Maintenance – How Often?

Collet Maintenance Standards

It is important to carry out regular collet maintenance to ensure excellent performance and long life from your Westwind spindles. We suggest the following maintenance intervals for Westwind products:

  • Removable collets every 100 operating hours. 
  • Bonded collets every 24 operating hours. 

The actual frequency of collet maintenance is dependent on application, usage and environment, and could be shorter or longer than the times suggested above.

Please contact us if you would like advice on your application.

Collet Identification

Spindle models with removable collets: 

  • M320
  • M321
  • D1199
  • D1201
  • D1251
  • D1263
  • D1303
  • D1331
  • D1473
  • D1524
  • D1531
  • D1686
  • D1750
  • D1823-02R

Spindle models with bonded collets: 

  • D1080
  • D1264
  • D1600
  • D1686
  • D1722
  • D1748
  • D1733
  • D1787
  • D1790
  • D1795
  • D1812
  • D1822
  • D1823-01 


Removable collet types: 

  • Removable collets are either “dead stop” or “positive lock” type.  The “dead stop” type can be identified by a groove around the rear barrel of the collet.  Please ensure you use the correct maintenance instructions.
  • For bonded collets – DO NOT REMOVE THE COLLET. 


Refer to the ‘Removable Collet Maintenance’ Technical Paper for further details.