Positive Lock Collet Maintenance Instructions

Positive Lock Collet Products Only

Spindles to be maintained to this procedure every 100 hours.

Very important: never close the collet without a tool or blank fitted.

Collet Tool Drawing Image

Collet tool (design may vary dependent on part number).

Refer to ‘Westwind Spare Collet Guide‘ Technical Paper for further information.

Calibrated Torque Wrench Drawing

Calibrated torque wrench (not supplied by Westwind product line).

CRC Power Lubricant Bottle Drawing

CRC 5-56 or CRC power lube (not supplied by Westwind product line).

MTLM Grease Drawing

MTLM grease (not supplied by Westwind product line).

Lint Free Cloth Drawing

Lint-free cloths (not supplied by Westwind product line).

Compressed Air Line Drawing

Compressed air line (not supplied by Westwind product line).

Collet Acutation Pressure Test

Note: refer to outline drawing for correct collet actuation pressure.

Actuate Collet Drawing

Actuate (open) collet using standard pressure.

Remove tool when actuating collet

Remove tool.

Unscrew collet Nut Drawing

Unscrew collet lock nut to end of thread. Hold piece to stop shaft from rotating.

Inside of Bearing Collet Drawing
Unscrew collet Drawing

Unscrew and remove collet.

Unscrew Collet Being removed Drawing

Ensure collet is kept with the same shaft.

Do not mix and match collets.

How to Spray CRC
How to Clean Collet with CRC
Clean Cloths and CRC

Clean lint-free cloths and CRC spray.

How to Clean with cloths and CRC Spray
Cleaned Collet and MTLM Grease Drawing

Cleaned collet and MTLM grease.

Where to Apply MTLM Grease Drawing

Where and how much to apply the MTLM grease.

Screw lock nut into collet drawing

Screw lock nut into bottom of thread in the collet.

Thread of Collet drawing
Refit Collet drawing

Re-fit collet. Collet must be re-fitted to the same shaft it was removed from.

Screw Collet that Grips Roller

Screw in the collet until it starts to grip the roller.

Roller Pulling out of Collet

The roller should be difficult (but not impossible) to pull out of the collet.

Use of Torque lock nut
Actuatue Collet Using Pressure Drawing

Actuate (open/close) the collet 5 times using the standard air pressure shown on outline.

Ensure the collet tool remains in place. Do not close the collet without the tool in place.

Roller Difficult to Pull out of collet

The roller should still be difficult (but not impossible) to pull out of the collet.

Fit Pin Tool Blank Drawing

Fit pin/tool blank.

Close Collet by Releasing Air Pressure

Close collet by releasing air pressure (0 PSI).