Removable Collet Maintenance

Mandatory Removable Collet Maintenance

100 Hours: Mandatory

  • Remove collet and clean thoroughly with solvent and lint free cloth.  
  • Clean shaft taper. 
  • Apply a thin film of ‘MT-LM’ grease to the taper and refit. 

Alternative Removable Collet Maintenance

24 Hours: Optional

  • Spray ‘crc’ lubricant directly into collet bore via tube for ½ second. 
  • Replace tool and run spindle at 100,000 rpm for two minutes. 
  • Stop spindle and clean collet bore with brush and solvent. 

400 Hours: Optional

  • Remove collet for standard maintenance with ‘MT-LM.’ 


Refer to the ‘Collet Maintenance: How Often?’ Technical Paper for further details.