High accuracy, inductive angle encoders for harsh environments

Ultra IncOders are non-contact, inductive devices for precision angle measurement in tough conditions. Each unit is pre-calibrated offering up to <19 arc-seconds accuracy and 22-bits resolution. Ultra IncOders offer simple installation, and a low profile form factor and large bore make it easy to accommodate through-shafts, slip-rings, pipes or cables.


Size75mm - 300mm
Resolution17 - 22 bits
Accuracy≤19 arc-seconds (depending on size)
CommsASI, SSI, SPI, BiSS-C, A/B/Z pulses
ConnectionAxial, radial & integral cable
Voltage5V, 12V, 24V.

Static accuracy over 360°

DiameterAccuracy (arc-seconds)
300mm≤ 19
250mm≤ 20
225mm≤ 22.5
200mm≤ 25
175mm≤ 25
150mm≤ 25
125mm≤ 32.5
100mm≤ 40
90mm≤ 49
75mm≤ 62.5