Do you offer multiturn IncOder options?

By default, IncOder only outputs Single Turn position data, being angle position data over 1 rotation (360 degrees). Multiturn encoders have the ability to count Multiturn data (the number of complete rotations of the sensor). Multiturn IncOder options are available for our Midi IncOder series by specifying the following protocol production options: SSI31, SSI32, SPI31, ASI31, ASI32 or BIS32. SSI based options provide 8 bits of turn count (0-255). BiSS, SPI and ASI options provide 12 bits of turn count (0-4095).

Conventional multiturn devices are able to increment Turn Count data when the device isn’t powered, which is not the case for Multiturn IncOder where Turn Count data doesn’t change when the device isn’t powered.

When power to Multiturn IncOder devices is removed, this event will be detected and position information is stored in non-volatile memory. Once the device is powered again, this data is recovered.

Note that if the Midi IncOder moves >1.5 degrees, an error condition will persist. The Midi IncOder will continue to indicate this error until the error is reset. Further details of this process can be found in our product guides.

Configure a Midi IncOder

Configure a Midi Ultra IncOder

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