What happens if we install the IncOder with an air gap bigger or smaller than the stated axial tolerances?

Resolution, repeatability & accuracy will be as specified, provided the axial gap is to specified tolerances. Within limits, the IncOder’s measurement resolution & repeatability are independent of gap. If gap tolerance is increased from say ±0.35mm to ±0.50mm the guaranteed measurement accuracy will double. For example, if a 250mm IncOder has a gap tolerance of ±0.50mm (rather than the specified +0.35mm) the guaranteed accuracy will increase from +/-40 arc-secs to +/-80 arc-secs. IncOders will continue to work with a gap of several mm. An error signal is generated when the maximum or minimum operating distances are exceeded. The specified gap tolerances are most easily achieved using Set Screw or Shaft Clamp Rotors. Alternatively the required gap may be maintained by the use of a shim – see IncOder Product Accessories.

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