5 Tips for Using Servo Drives in Exoskeleton Robots

12月 7, 2022

Exoskeleton robots are wearable augmentative devices that enhance the physical capabilities of their human wearers. Offering the ability to combine...

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Rotary Encoders for Harsh Environments

12月 2, 2022

Rotary encoders are electromechanical devices that provide feedback on the rotational movement of an axle or shaft. Comprising two parts...

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IPC World Championship Finalist

12月 1, 2022

We are delighted to announce that Justyna Mikolajczyk, our veteran electronics assembler at our Cambridge, UK facility, recently won the...

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Inaugural Robotics Meetup in Barcelona

10月 28, 2022

In October, Novanta sponsored a robotics Meetup event in Spain organized by Gen Robotics Barcelona, titled the Present and Future...

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Celera Motion Introduces World’s Smallest, Fastest Servo Drive

10月 20, 2022

Celera Motion, an award-winning business unit of Novanta Inc., today announced the introduction of the world’s smallest and fastest servo...

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Celera Motion Expands Omni+ Direct Drive Motor Platform

6月 2, 2022

Celera Motion, an award-winning business unit of Novanta Inc., today announced it was expanding its innovative direct drive motor platform, the Omni+™...

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Celera Motion Enhances Aura Absolute Chip Encoder Series

4月 28, 2022

Featuring built-in eccentricity compensation and wide tolerance alignments, the groundbreaking line now offers new sizes and capabilities for high-volume OEM...

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Novanta Partners with MassRobotics to Advance Next Generation of Robotics

2月 7, 2022

Novanta Inc. announced a new partnership with MassRobotics to help create and scale the next generation of successful robotics startups....

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Capitan Series Safe Torque Off SIL 3 Ple Functional Safety Certification

11月 22, 2021

Celera Motion is pleased to announce that the Safe Torque Off (STO) feature of the Ingenia Capitan Series servo drives...

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Article: What is a Multiturn Encoder?

11月 19, 2021

This month’s update to our Technical Articles includes “What is a Multiturn Encoder?”. Learn about types of Multiturn sensor technologies,...

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Celera Motion Unveils the Multiturn Inductive Angle Encoder

11月 17, 2021

Celera Motion, an award-winning business unit of Novanta Inc., announced today the latest addition to its groundbreaking IncOder™ and Ultra...

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Success in Avionics

11月 3, 2021

This application story describes a solution to the challenge of search and rescue missions operating in a variety of locations...

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Novanta Renames Newly Acquired Company Novanta IMS, Highlights Opportunities Ahead

10月 8, 2021

After officially acquiring Schneider Electric Motion, Novanta is renaming the company Novanta IMS as it creates new synergies and opportunities...

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Success in Subsea Marine Robotics

10月 5, 2021

This application story describes a solution to the challenge of underwater, or subsea, robotics and making sea exploration more accessible....

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Celera Motion Introduces Ultra-Lightweight Inductive Angle Encoder

9月 29, 2021

Celera Motion, an award-winning business unit of Novanta Inc., announced today another innovative new device for precise angle measurement: a...

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DC Servo Drives for Precision Motion Applications

8月 18, 2021

A servo system is comprised of multiple components, including a master controller, a motor, and feedback devices. Among them, the...

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What is a Servo Drive?

8月 13, 2021

A servo drive is an electronic amplifier used in servomechanisms to regulate the current/voltage output to the motor. Servo drives...

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What are the Benefits of Direct Drive Motors?

7月 15, 2021

Complexity in mechanical assemblies is not necessarily a good thing. More moving parts typically translates to more potential points of...

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Industrial Robotics – From Autonomous Robots to UAVs

7月 8, 2021

Celera Motion delivers precision components and mechatronic sub-system assemblies for advanced industrial robotics systems. Read on to learn more.

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Autonomous Robots—An Introduction

7月 2, 2021

Robotics and autonomous systems represent an ever-evolving, high technological field of engineering covering a wide range of applications and theories,...

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