• With the acquisition of Ingenia, Celera Motion offers a broader range of compatible products for more comprehensive, innovative solutions.
    • Blending technical expertise with integrated world-class products and technology, we develop optimized solutions for demanding real-world applications.
    • With the acquisition of Zettlex, Celera Motion is proud to introduce a comprehensive line of accurate and reliable inductive encoders and sensors with true absolute position feedback.
    Zettlex Products
    • Advancing the future of motion control to help build a better world.
    • Integrating world-class knowledge, core components, and trusted experience, we offer unparalleled engineering solutions and exceptional customer support.
    Engineering Trust
    • Celera Motion is the global partner of choice for precision motion control solutions.
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Our mechatronics engineering group is renowned for seamlessly fusing product and technology to create optimized precision motion control solutions.

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