Precision optics applications require the motion, precision, and repeatability that traditional mechanical systems are unable to offer. Celera Motion’s Juke™ series voice coil actuator and Optira™ Series encoder helped solve this problem for one customer by providing all of their system performance needs in a compact and powerful package.

The Challenge

Precision optics applications require smooth, fast motion with high acceleration and short settling times. High resolution and repeatability in a compact, lightweight package are also needed. Traditional mechanical translation systems do not offer the precision or small system size required and are designed with mechanical components that are subject to wear due to the high frequency motion profiles typical in photonics applications.

The Solution

Celera Motion’s Juke Series voice coil actuator and Optira Series encoder were integrated into a compact linear stage platform and delivered the high acceleration, speed and precision movement required. The Juke Series motor is a simple two wire device that can be controlled with readily available amplifiers and PID controllers. The Optira Series encoder’s 5 nanometer resolution, 1 micron accuracy, extremely small 13 x 11.8 mm footprint, and flexible mounting and cabling options enabled high precision motion and easy integration into the small linear stage.

The Benefit

Celera Motion’s Juke and Optira components allowed the customer to achieve their system performance needs in a compact yet powerful package. The linear stage design can be modified for the customer’s project, including mounting locations on both the stage and the moving surface. Celera Motion also provides fully assembled and tested linear stages and mechatronics packages designed by an expert engineering staff with many years of experience. During the project, the customer’s engineers worked closely with Celera engineers to achieve all of the motion requirements in their photonics system.


Peak ForceUp to 175 N
StrokeUp to 20 mm
Dimensions (Stage)50 mm (W) x 40 mm (L) x 15 mm (H)
Resolution5 nanometers
Accuracy1 micrometer
RepeatabilityAs low as 1 nanometer