What is a Voice Coil Motor?

Voice coil motors (VCM) or voice coil actuators (VCA) are non-commutated DC linear actuators that consist of a single-pole permanent magnet and a copper coil. VCMs are two-lead, single phase motors that do not require commutation, resulting in simple operation. These motors are most commonly used for short travel paths where high acceleration and constant force is required.

Voice Coil Motor Configurations

There are two different configurations for a voice coil motor (VCM). A moving magnet design has a magnet assembly that moves in and out of a fixed coil. A moving coil design has a coil assembly that moves in and out of a fixed permanent magnet. The simplicity of either design enables a smaller form factor, compared to brushless DC linear motors. Celera Motion Juke Series voice coil motors offer a high copper packing, paired with strong permanent magnets, for optimal force to weight ratio. Refer to the Juke Series datasheet to select the motor that meets your application needs.

Benefits of a Voice Coil Motor