Search and rescue operations rely on state-of-the-art technology, including high performance gyro-stabilized searchlights and optoelectronic systems, to move quickly and accurately – assisting in mission completion and success. Celera Motion’s Ultra IncOder™ advances the design of robust, high resolution and high accuracy pointing of stabilized gimbal payloads for these searchlight and optoelectronics systems. This is ideal for camera gimbal systems used in search and rescue helicopters.

The Challenge

Search and rescue missions operate in a variety of locations from sea to mountain tops, day or night, and in all types of weather conditions. The ability to take action quickly after receiving an alert is key to mission success and is dependent on a highly capable crew and state-of-the-art technology, including high-performance gyro-stabilized searchlights and optoelectronic systems. OEMs of technologies like these are continually driven to improve image quality, extend system lifetime, improve robust operation, and reduce service downtime. A brushless motor gimbal with encoder feedback can deliver precision camera stabilization across multiple axes of rotation, removing unwanted motion from flight, allowing for accurate pan and tilt of the camera.

The Solution

Celera Motion’s Ultra IncOder™ advances the design of robust, high resolution and high accuracy pointing of stabilized gimbal payloads, such as searchlight and optoelectronics systems for search and rescue helicopters. The inductive technology provides highly reliable position measurement, proven in harsh environments for use in mission critical applications. Ultra IncOder offers an outer diameter (OD) up to 300 mm, easing integration around the gimbal mechanics. A range of mechanical mounting formats including servo clamp, screw mount, and shaft clamp options, as well as no requirement for software calibration, also provides ease of installation and ensures downtime and subsequent service costs are reduced. The Ultra IncOder is a frictionless, no-contact, no-bearing design, with low current consumption and a high resolution output – ideal for camera gimbal systems.

The Benefit

The Ultra IncOders are pre-calibrated offering up to 19 arcsec accuracy and 22-bits resolution. The low-profile, large bore form factor makes it easy to accommodate cables and thru-shafts. With extended option “C”, the Ultra IncOder sensor can be sealed with conformal coating for prolonged use in condensation, high moisture environments. The bearingless form factor is durable, offering a large MTBF (mean time between failures) for extended system life and reduced operational costs.


OD 75 to 300mm
ID 25 to 250mm
Measurement Update Rate 10 kHz
Operating Temperature-45 to 85°C
Resolution18 to 22-bits
AccuracyUp to 19 arcsec
OutputSSI, SPI, BiSS-C, ABZ, Async Serial and more
MTBF0.22 failures per 1M hours