The low profile, zero cogging torque, and slotless design of the Infinity™ Series motor helped our customer to develop a diagnostic imaging system more suitable for patients by providing smooth, quiet, and low cost operation.

The Challenge

Designers of diagnostic imaging systems are constantly seeking ways to achieve higher quality images from their systems in order to provide better diagnostic information for doctors and improve outcomes for patients. A key element of many imaging systems is a large diameter rotating gantry with apertures from 600-900mm. To achieve the highest quality images, the rotational motion of the scanning system must be extremely smooth. Quiet operation is key for the best possible patient experience. The smallest possible system footprint is required to minimize the use of floor space.

The Solution

Mechanical drive systems with belts and gears do not deliver the smooth motion, quiet operation or small footprint required in the newest generation imaging systems. Traditional direct drive motors offer smooth motion and quiet operation but motors of this size are expensive and heavy. Celera Motion’s Infinity™ Series low profile, arc shaped motor kits are slotless direct drive motors and have zero cogging torque, which enables the extremely smooth and quiet motion required. Their modular, arc-segment form factor allows system designers to design the exact partial segment or full 360 degree rotational motion required in a compact footprint.

The Benefit

Infinity™ Series motors can be configured for diameters over 900mm and are capable of peak current >5amps, continuous torque >60 Nm, and peak torque >190 Nm, enabling the acceleration and torque required for the scanning system to achieve optimum performance. Axial heights as low as 20 mm are possible, which further reduces the size and weight of the scanning system. Their modular design makes it easy for system designers to scale their designs up or down for different scanning system diameters and shapes. Additionally, their modular construction simplifies handling, shipping and installation, which minimizes overall system cost.


Low profile< 20 mm
Large ApertureUp to 85% of the outside diameter of the motor (thin radial section)
Large DiameterMore than 2 meters is feasible, 1 meter is common
High AccuracyAs low as 1 micrometer with Optira Series encoders
Motor WiringStandard three phase, compatible with all three phase brushless drives
Continuous TorqueUp to 63.4 Nm
Peak TorqueUp to 190.2 Nm
Torque SensitivityUp to 1.7 Nm/amp torque sensitivity
Cogging TorqueModular with up to 20 arc shaped segments