An automated microscope stage technology company was searching for a solution to traditional stage motors in an attempt to reduce the force produced by the motor and the overall size of the motor assembly. Celera Motion helped this customer by using the Javelin™ Series motor to trim the total area needed for the motor and lessen the amount of force produced by the motor, resulting in smoother, more precise control.

The Challenge

Microscope stages move lightweight test samples within an optical or electron inspection system. These systems are typically space constrained and have multiple axes moving relative to each other in traditional X-Y-Z topology. Traditional linear dual sided linear motors are too large and offer much more force than necessary. Mechanical drive systems with ball screws can be noisy, vibrate and are susceptible to backlash and mechanical coupling errors.

The Solution

Celera Motion’s Javelin Series single sided air core linear motors are optimized for multi-axis microscope stages. Taking advantage of the lower levels of force required, Javelin Series motors are designed with very low profiles and as a result, stages can have heights <25 mm. Javelin’s slotless, brushless motor design enables extremely smooth motion and travel lengths over 500 mm are possible. For systems that require a short stroke Z axis, a Juke Series Voice Coil Actuator can also be used.

The Benefit

Laboratory real estate is at a premium. Increasing image quality and sample quantities are required to solve many of the challenges facing the scientific community. Javelin Series motors allow microscopes to have the lowest possible profile and are lower profile than traditional ball screw driven stages. Many new diagnostic methods require automated step and repeat and complete scans of samples. Javelin Series linear motors deliver the smooth and accurate motion required to achieve new levels of image quality and throughput for automated microscope applications.


Continuous ForceUp to 8.2 N
Peak ForceUp to 24.6 N
Maximum SpeedUp to 24 m/s
Peak CurrentUp to 8.5 A
Low Profile<12 mm
Small Width25 mm
StrokeOver 500 mm
Smooth OperationSlotless moving coil design for smoothness
Resolution5 nanometers with Optira Series encoders
Accuracy1 micrometer with Optira Series encoders
RepeatabilityAs low as 1 nanometer