The trend for smaller satellites is gaining popularity and with it comes restrictions on size, weight, and overall energy efficiency. Celera Motion’s Omni Series UTO motors are light weight, packaged in a small form factor, and deliver up to 10,000 rpm for optimal altitude change, enabling satellites to maneuver quickly.

The Challenge

Increasing global communications is having a direct effect on the demand for more satellites. The trend for smaller satellites is gaining popularity and with it comes restrictions on size, weight, and overall energy efficiency. Heavy satellites are expensive to launch therefore, there is a strong preference for lighter, more powerful components, enabling drastically decreased launch costs. Satellites in orbit are required to meet speed torque requirements and be able to adjust their positioning with minimal power input. Smaller motors must be lighter weight but big on power and efficiency. Energy efficiency is key to conserve scarce and costly onboard power. The more efficient the motor is, the smaller the power supply can be, optimizing required power. Small motors consume less power, but also deliver less power.  This creates a strong need to optimize efficiency, with maximum torque and minimal input power.

The Solution

The Celera Motion Omni Series UTO is a small form factor direct drive motor that is 20 mm outer diameter (OD) and extremely light weight. The Km is optimized for higher motor efficiency, limiting the amount of energy lost through heat dissipation.  The Omni Series UTO is designed with magnets on the outer exterior, allowing for unique configurations.  Delivering a motor speed of 10,000 rpm for optimal altitude change, it enables the satellite to maneuver quickly.

The Benefit

The low-profile, light weight Omni Series UTO delivers high torque density in a small footprint.  Low cogging and low stator and rotor mass is delivered in a thermally efficient package.  Direct drive technology provides high speeds and accelerations with very high mechanical stiffness and zero backlash, reducing settling times and increasing system performance and throughput. This compact motor kit delivers an optimal component solution for satellite communications due to size, weight and overall energy efficiency.


Omni Series UTO Motors

Continuous Torque 0.014 to 0.353 Nm
Peak Torque 0.042 to 1.059 Nm
Diameter 20 to 52 mm (Rotor OD)
Through Hole 9 to 18 mm (Stator ID)
Maximum Speed up to 10,000 rpm*

*For faster speeds, please consult your local Celera Motion representative