A small profile is critical for a motor in a beam steering system used to manufacture memory and logic chips. Celera Motion’s Javelin™ motor offers this ideal footprint as well as enhanced motion, allowing it to be the optimal choice for this type of equipment.

The Challenge

Light collimation and beam steering systems used to manufacture all of the world’s memory and logic chips require the motion of multiple motion axes in a tightly constrained space. Traditional dual sided linear motors are too large and the 200-500 g payloads common to these systems do not require large amounts of force to move. Travel lengths of a few cm are required but voice coil motors and actuators are typically limited to a few mm of travel.

The Solution

Celera Motion Javelin single sided air core linear motors offer the ideal combination of miniature footprint, extremely smooth motion, and travel lengths of several cm. Taking advantage of their low profile (<12 mm is available) and single sided construction, the Javelin Series motors can be mounted in extremely close proximity to each other.

The Benefit

Multi-axis light collimation and beam steering mechanisms designed with Javelin Series single sided motors allow OEMs to design smaller and lighter systems than similar mechanisms designed with traditional linear motors. With Javelin Series linear motors, customers have also achieved the travel lengths required that they could not realize with typical voice coil motors.


Continuous ForceUp to 8.2 N
Peak ForceUp to 24.6 N
Maximum SpeedUp to 24 m/s
Peak CurrentUp to 8.5 A
Low Profile<12 mm
Small Width25 mm
StrokeOver 500 mm
Smooth OperationSlotless moving coil design for smoothness
Resolution5 nanometers with Optira Series encoders
Accuracy1 micrometer with Optira Series encoders
RepeatabilityAs low as 1 nanometer