Applimotion motors and actuators utilize brushless DC motor technology to create unique motion solutions.  While BLDC motors have been around for a very long time, the detailed application of this technology has countless variants.  At Applimotion, our team of engineers work closely with the customers to understand the application to create an optimized solution.  We provide both frameless solutions to support the maximum level of integration into our customers machines as well as fully integrated solutions.

The Applimotion brand of direct drive motors and stages are the product of unparalleled application expertise and performance-driven design. Optimized solutions range from direct drive motor components to fully engineered, validated, and tested products and value-add assemblies.

Applimotion was built on a foundation of electromagnetic and mechanical engineering expertise. We have used this expertise to produce thousands of solutions for our customers over the past 20 years. Our product range covers rotary, limited angle, long and short stroke linear motion. We offer very low profile and large through hole solutions. All these products can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

We have an in-house mechatronics team that is expert in packaging our ApplimotionMicroE, Zettlex , Ingenia and Westwind products into full integrated solutions.

Through our global supply chain, in house production and ISO-9001 Quality System, we are also committed to being your long term production partner.

Applimotion means APPLIcation specific MOTION.  Consistent with the origins of the company, our team today is focused on providing our customers with the best possible motion solution.

Bring the challenge. We’ll build the solution.