Everest Series Servo Drives

High Power Density, High Performance, Ready-to-Use Servo Drives

The Everest Series is an ultra-compact, super smart, high-powered servo drive. It is the most versatile servo drive in its class. Built on a shielded body construction which provides best-in-class heat dissipation and ultra-low radiated emissions, packed with features for the most demanding applications. High-efficiency power stage reduces power losses and actuator temperature.

Its small size and rugged design enables it to be mounted virtually anywhere including robot joints, wearable robots, unmanned ground or aerial vehicles, as well as inside motors.

The Everest Series features the most advanced transistor technology in the world. It delivers the highest power density and efficiency while keeping negligible EMI, providing linear amplifier performance.

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EtherCAT operating modes
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Selecting the right mode of operation is quite complex, as each mode places different demands on the operating system and processing power of the Master. Application issues such as dynamically changing loads, custom control loop algorithms, and the need for on-the-fly trajectory changes also play a key part in mode selection.  The paper outlines pros and cons of the major modes of operation, and concludes with a recommendation for the most common system architectures.

Everest Series Specifications

Continuous Current:30 ARMS30 ARMS30 ARMS
Peak Current60 ARMS60 ARMS60 ARMS
Supply VoltageUp to 48 VDC*Up to 48 VDC*Up to 48 VDC*
Dimensions:26 mm x 24.5 mm x 17 mm26 mm x 34.5 mm x 17 mm29 mm x 42 mm x 23 mm
Weight:16 g24 g38 g
Communications:SPICANopen, EtherCATCANopen, EtherCAT
Feedback:Digital Encoder, Digital Hall, BiSS-C, SSIDigital Encoder, Digital Hall, BiSS-C, SSIDigital Encoder, Digital Hall, BiSS-C, SSI
Motor Type:Rotary Brushless, Rotary Brushed DCRotary Brushless, Rotary Brushed DCROtary Brushless, Rotary Brushed DC
Command Source:Network InterfaceNetwork InterfaceNetwork Interface
Environment:Industrial, High Temperature, Low TemperatureIndustrial, High Temperature, Low TemperatureIndustrial, High Temperature, Low Temperature

*Higher voltage available. Specifications subject to change.