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We see motion control
in the everyday.

At Celera Motion, we see things a little differently. The principles of precision are in our DNA, impacting everything we do from how we design our advanced motion control solutions, to how we support you and your unique applications.

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Motion control technologies that empower your success

Formed by renowned building blocks MicroE, Zettlex, Applimotion, Ingenia and many other trusted brands, accurate encoders, position sensors, direct drive motors, and servo drives are some of the smallest and most powerful in the industry.

They easily integrate into your applications to power best-in-class solutions and bring them to market FASTER: position sensors and encoders for surgical robots, efficient drives and motors for satellite communications, advanced servo drives for 3D industrial solutions, and so much more.

Compact, high-precision optical encoders

are available in several form factors and include mounting options with incremental and absolute interfaces with resolutions up to 1.2nm.
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Highly accurate inductive encoders

use non-contact, inductive on-board position sensor technology for highly accurate performance without delicate parts that require frequent maintenance.
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Low profile, high-performance direct drive motors

range from off-theshelf components to fully engineered, validated, and tested products and value add assemblies.
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High power density miniature servo drives and motor controllers

that are some of the smallest and most efficient in the world.
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Market-leading air bearing spindles

that feature high precision, high rotational speed, and robust design for extended product life.
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Service focused on faster problem-solving

Celera Motion Services

We are committed to delivering a better customer experience, and that includes providing knowledgeable and responsive support for all of our precision motion components. We continuously add to our comprehensive library of technical papers, videos, and other essential information so
you get the answers you need when you need them.

Hundreds of searchable FAQs at your fingertips like:

  • The differences between magnetic, inductive, and optical encoders
  • Determining the best motor for a
    low-speed application
  • How many servo drives can be connected
  • Calculating inertia for a rotary motor

Value driven by better performance and ROI

Robot Joints
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We’re laser-focused on providing the tremendous value that can only come from delivering the most efficient, compact, and
versatile motion control solutions. They help you get to market faster with cutting
edge, successful innovations.

Here’s just one example of how we create higher value with our best-in-class torque for robot joints.

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